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Dental Technology

Dental Technology

At Pacific Woods Dental we use modern, state-of-the-science dental technology to better provide you with safe and effective treatments in the shortest possible time!


Trios 5 Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 5 Intra-Oral Scanner is a cutting-edge dental technology that allows dentists to capture highly detailed and accurate digital impressions of a patient's teeth and mouth. This innovative device uses advanced optical scanning technology to create 3D images of the oral cavity, providing precise measurements for restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, and implants. The scanner eliminates the need for messy traditional impression materials like alginate or silicone, making the process more comfortable for patients. With its fast scanning speed and high-resolution capabilities, Trios 5 ensures efficient workflow in the dental office while delivering exceptional results.


A wand-shaped handheld device, the intraoral camera takes hundreds of pictures per second that our computer uses to construct a detailed and accurate digital image of your mouth. Sometimes, this image is further developed into a digital impression of your teeth and gums. 

Dentist reviewing a digital x-ray at Pacific Woods Dental in Portland, OR.


Unlike traditional X-ray systems that produce significant but safe levels of radiation and require film development, digital X-rays are safer and much faster in producing images. Moreover, we can instantly retake a new image if the previous one was too blurry or otherwise unusable. Digital X-rays are crucial in helping us diagnose the inner workings of your teeth, roots, and alveolar bone and identify any problems.


Dexis CBCT OP 3D with Cephalometric Imaging

The Dexis CBCT OP3D Cephalometric arm is an advanced imaging system that combines cutting-edge 2D and 3D technology to provide detailed and comprehensive images. With a large field of view measuring 13 x 15 cm, this system offers panoramic X-rays as well as cone beam images. Equipped with dedicated panoramic sensor technology, this device ensures crystal-clear traditional 2D Panorex X-rays with various imaging programs available, including standard panoramic, pediatric panoramic, ortho-zone, wide arch, TMJ evaluation, as well as extraoral bitewings and many other advanced options.

Dentist reviewing a digital x-ray at Pacific Woods Dental in Portland, OR.


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