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Teeth Whitening in Portland, OR

Teeth Whitening in Portland, OR

A gleaming white smile can be a real confidence booster. But, not many of us are blessed with a naturally white smile. The primary culprit behind stained and discolored teeth is the foods we consume. Some of the most common culprits include coffee, red wine, tea, chocolate, and tobacco. 

Common Causes of Teeth Discoloration

  • The most common cause of teeth discoloration is tobacco use. Even though you may have stopped smoking cigarettes, the nicotine present in chewing tobacco and snuff can similarly affect your teeth.
  • Excessive consumption of colored foods and beverages can stain your teeth. Foods like berries, red wine, tea, and coffee are some of the prominent culprits. 
  • Certain medications such as tetracycline, which is used to treat acne, can also discolor your teeth. 
  • Certain illnesses can cause your teeth to get stained, such as hepatitis and jaundice. 
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol can permanently stain your teeth.
  • Trauma to the mouth can damage your tooth enamel and cause discoloration. 
  • Excessive fluoride intake when you were a child can cause tooth discoloration in adults.

What Is Teeth Whitening? 

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure performed to remove the stains and discoloration present on your teeth and make them appear several shades lighter. The procedure involves using a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to eliminate dental stains and discoloration from your teeth's surface. These procedures are best suited for patients who have minor staining issues or suffer from mild or intermediate tooth discoloration problems. The results of the procedure could be long-lasting if you follow proper hygiene practices after the treatment. 

Types of Teeth Whitening 

  • Professional Teeth Whitening 

Professional whitening is best suited for patients who have significant staining issues or moderate-severe tooth discoloration problems. We will take thorough dental scans during your initial consultation to determine the severity of your condition. Based on our findings, we will determine whether you require professional whitening or not. We will then prepare your teeth by cleaning them thoroughly before applying a whitening gel containing highly potent hydrogen peroxide on them and allowing it to stay on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. This is repeated until the desired level of teeth whitening is attained. 

  • At-Home Professional Whitening 

A customized tray will be fabricated after taking your dental impressions during your initial consultation. This tray, containing a custom whitening solution, should be worn over your teeth for an average of two hours every day for the best results over a period of two weeks. At-home professional whitening is best suited for patients who have mild staining issues or suffer from minor tooth discoloration problems. 

Whitening with Bleaching tray

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