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Clear Aligners

Clear aligner therapy uses a series of custom-molded trays that are worn over the teeth to gradually move them into their desired position. The aligners are removable, comfortable, and practically invisible when worn. These clear aligners are popular for orthodontic treatment because they are both effective and discreet. 

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

A dentist will take molds or impressions of the patient’s teeth in order to create custom-made, clear aligners. The aligner trays are worn over the teeth, and they slowly guide the teeth into proper alignment over time. Patients wear their clear aligner trays for approximately two weeks before changing them out for a new set. Over time, patients will see gradual improvements in their teeth alignment until they can realign their entire smile. Treatment may be as short as a few months to as long as a few years, depending on the patient’s treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

  • Clear aligners are similar to mouthguards or sports mouthguards, with the main difference being that clear aligner trays are removable and easier to clean because they are made of smooth acrylic material. 
  • Patients can brush and floss their teeth normally and so maintain their usual oral hygiene routine.
  • There are no wires or brackets that are attached to your teeth. The aligners are made of a clear material. This helps make you feel more comfortable and confident during your treatment.
  • Because you can remove the aligners, you can eat and drink almost all that you love.

What Are the Aftercare Tips for Aligners?

  • The success of clear aligner treatment relies on patients wearing their Invisalign® trays for a minimum of 22 hours per day. If you wear your aligners less often, you can end up with crooked teeth when the treatment is complete.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene habits while wearing clear braces is one of the most important things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy and comfortable. It’s important to clean your teeth and appliances regularly to prevent bacteria from building up on them. It’s also important to clean your aligners each time you take them out of your mouth.
  • It’s best to brush your teeth and pop your aligners back in immediately after a meal or snack; this will minimize the chances of food residue being left behind on the aligners. Simply brush and rinse them with water before putting them back into your mouth.
  • Once you’re done eating, remove the aligners and clean them with a toothbrush and mild toothpaste. Gently scrub the aligners to remove plaque and food debris from the plastic, as well as in between individual teeth. Rinse them thoroughly before popping them back in. 
  • Rinsing with water after eating helps to keep your teeth and the aligners clean and can also help prevent staining in between cleanings. 

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